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An endless game of hide and seek

Where should I go? What should I do? Where will I find A heart that’s like glue? Why are you elusive? Where do you hide? When will I find you? Don’t be so shy! Just come out, come out, Wherever … Continue reading

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I return your gaze defiantly Pretending I don’t feel The burning longing in my soul That I know is very real I keep the blush off my face So you cant read my heart I fake nonchalance so you wont … Continue reading

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My favorite color is you

I can see your aura I often watch it glow And I know that you are troubled Cos dark blotches always show But inside, I know you’re lovely Cos a turquoise blue shines through And now it’s my favorite color … Continue reading

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The one that got away

His heartache is like a shadow It follows him wherever he goes He’s felt like this so long Now it’s the only thing he knows You see, this girl was genuine You know, this girl was real Until the day … Continue reading

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