Looking at you

She is looking at you
I am looking at you
You are looking at her
But you’re looking at me too
You don’t mean to disrespect
You can’t control your glance
And I can’t control the fact
That when you look, I want to dance
Maybe you’ve not noticed
But your eyes often visit mine
And every single time they do
I want to cross the line
Cos I’m standing here and watching you
As you sit there, by her side
Trying to hold her steady gaze
Trying to match her smile
Trying to stop your eyes from visiting
Where they belong, with mine
Trying not to feel it
When our eyes lock and it stops time
I know she has first claim on you
I know you think me young
I know in seven months, I’m gone
All this knowledge weighs a ton
But try to look me in the eye
And tell me you don’t feel it too
Tell me I’ve not found the One
Try and tell me it’s not you.

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