You tease me with the lightest touch
But I want so much more
Because even that feather touch
Shakes me to the core
You look at me a moment
But I yearn to hold your gaze
Drown inside your pupils
I could stare at you for days
You give me a casual nod
Say it’s nice to see me too
But you don’t know that all day long
I’ve been craving to see you
‘Goodnight then’ you wish me
But I want to keep you up
I’m desperate to tell you
That you make my heart erupt
But I know that you can’t hear it
I know you’ll turn away
I know you’ll beg for silence
And I’ll lose every single day
That I could have you near me
Hear your words and watch your walk
And so, to keep you close to me
I’ll be content to make small talk.

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