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Empty space

Have you noticed all the empty space Between you and I? Even though our hearts are intertwined Our bodies continue to lie I hate how often I turn around And how soon you walk away I know you hear as … Continue reading

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Inexplicable glow

You see the eyes behind the specs You see the brain behind the mane You see the heart behind the chest You see the soul behind the name When I talk you listen To the words I don’t say When … Continue reading

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Waking him up

He lay across the floor Hoodie pulled around his face Eyelids closed, fast asleep My heart began to pace I trotted to the sleeping boy Sat down behind his head Crossed my legs and kissed his lips And watched his … Continue reading

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El Niño

Sweat collects in the valley between my breasts Seeping out of each pore It moistens my dress I watch the others In their vests and shorts But the battle with the sun Is already lost Singing the skin at the … Continue reading

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My Escape

Pull me out of this dusty house Drag me by the hair Take me to your La La Land We’ll scream until they stare I feel bold, alive and restless Pluck me out of this empty shell Sweep me away … Continue reading

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