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The spark

I’m sliding down the staircase I’m floating through the air All because you saw me All because you stared I’m skidding through the corridor Grinning cheek to cheek Because I stood so near to you And at last we got … Continue reading

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Couldn’t you tell you loved him? Why’d you hold onto me? You made the heartbreak harder Than it had to be You tried to go on loving me When you’d given your heart away You tried to ignore the feelings … Continue reading

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Standing in line

I’m standing in line to kiss you You’re making me wait my turn But I’m not used to loving Girls I have to earn Somehow you make it worth it There’s something in your smile So I suppose I can … Continue reading

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Your lonely heart

You just want somebody To fit into your master plan You just want somebody Willing to hold your hand So you say you love me Though you don’t know why you do Cos you don’t love me for me You … Continue reading

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Fake love

I broke the beautiful storyline Created by my romantic mind I decided to love him And showed him so I peeked and blushed Like I wanted more You laughed to yourself For he was your best friend And it seemed … Continue reading

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Elephant in the room

You told me that you cared for me But I already knew it to be true Though you never saw just how much My own heart begged for you Your eyes betrayed your secret When they’d alight upon my face … Continue reading

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My person

A loving voice Cooing in my ear And warm arms Holding me near Calm in a crisis Strong in a fight Protecting me My sturdy knight A living promise I’ll be okay An easy smile That makes my day Kissing … Continue reading

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