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I’ve only known vicious anger I’ve only felt hard kicks So to feel your arms around me Makes me lose my wits What is this surging feeling? Is it the one that they call love? Is this what it means … Continue reading

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Tonight I walk away with tear-filled eyes Because for 10 long years, I believed a lie I thought you were a different man And I was proud to hold your hand And travel with you to build a new world … Continue reading

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I’m sitting over here And watching you over there With your boyish figure And short crop of hair When you notice me looking You vacantly stare And that’s when I realise Just how much I care.

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Wake up

You’ve fallen for a fairytale You think you know my kind But if you dig much deeper It’s not sunshine that you’ll find You want to peel me like an onion Strip me to my core Explore me like a … Continue reading

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The seven deadly sins

Sloth keeps me tied, glued to his bed Asleep in a pool of my own sweat Living through the lies that run through my head Wait long enough, you’ll find me dead. Greed means I’ll never be happy For you … Continue reading

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I’m hungry for you to see me And you’re looking in my eyes But with a look that tells me That you see past the guise I’m desperate for you to hold me To feel your mouth on mine Your … Continue reading

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The spark

I’m sliding down the staircase I’m floating through the air All because you saw me All because you stared I’m skidding through the corridor Grinning cheek to cheek Because I stood so near to you And at last we got … Continue reading

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