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It’s true, you may be the sun
But know this, I have rays too Continue reading

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Gypsy heart

She’s leaping off a cliff She’s dancing in the rain Running naked down the beach Like she was born to be insane Racing to the water Skinny dipping at high tide Forget about the clothes She’s already stripped of pride … Continue reading

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Always yours

Don’t you worry You have to know You hold my heart You’ve made it grow And it will be yours For evermore Because you’re the one Whom I adore So don’t look on him With jealous eyes Know I’m immune … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday

How’d you come to be so cruel? How’d you come to cause such pain? Is this what you wanted? To believe you’d make it rain? Well now it’s raining blood And flesh and guts and tears Bleeding hearts of innocents … Continue reading

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Your way

There’s something about the words you say The way you insist I’ll be yours someday And nothing and no one can stand in your way Because my heart is your goal and you’re not here to play Something that makes … Continue reading

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Your fire

You keep saying you don’t love me But then you give me hope And I’d rather burn within your fire Than waft away from you like smoke So even though it hurts so much Even though I’m scarred I keep … Continue reading

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The right choice

I know in spite of everything That she has stuck with you There’s been hurt and fights and conflict But you both have seen it through And though you seem to think That I may be The One How can … Continue reading

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