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Today you came around to see My little baby boy He stared into your eyes and laughed With unembarrassed joy You raised your face to meet my eyes As my son played with your tie And as the tears rolled … Continue reading

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Oh! There you are! I see you! The face I seek each day! I swear, to see your smile, Sometimes I think I’d pay! I come over just to tease you To claim your attention for my own And to … Continue reading

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Play pretend

Holding hands We walk into the sunset We smile and we talk And we laugh and get our feet wet But we know that it’s not real We know it’s play pretend Though neither will say it We have no … Continue reading

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Don’t call me puppy eyes

You think I am your puppy dog To kiss and pet at will That I’ll listen when you tell me When to follow or be still You’re so wary with your compliments For fear you’ll say too much But when … Continue reading

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