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The seven deadly sins

Sloth keeps me tied, glued to his bed Asleep in a pool of my own sweat Living through the lies that run through my head Wait long enough, you’ll find me dead. Greed means I’ll never be happy For you … Continue reading

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Mask of hatred

You look at me so angrily Though I’ve done nothing wrong Your expression is unjustified My happy mood is torn Fixedly you stare at me With a harsh and cruel eye I have nothing to feel bad about But you … Continue reading

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House of cards

Wearing a long, plum-colored dress I’m playing a Baby Grand Beautiful music leaves the keys As I rapidly move my hands It swells and shakes this house of cards It envelopes my mind A single card falls to the floor … Continue reading

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Somebody you know

I wander blindly through the crowds Putting on this show Throwing fake smiles left and right Though my heart is thick with woe I’m alone in my depression Cos no one gives a crap I might even be a ghost … Continue reading

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A Poisonous Eden

I’m running through a garden Butterflies tug at my hair There are flowers all around me And my callused feet are bare In this gorgeous garden Full of flowers, birds and bees I’m running from my feelings I’m running through … Continue reading

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Swimming naked in the sea

I’m swimming naked in the sea Unconfined and free My toes poke through the water Rejoicing in my laughter Triumphing in this solitude My unsheathed body moves I have no limits, no restrictions Moving lithely through the ocean In my … Continue reading

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Tears of a clown

Look at me Being happy Watch me smile and joke and tease I can make you laugh so hard That you slap your knees I am not really special, pretty or even smart There is naught that I can do … Continue reading

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