The one that got away

His heartache is like a shadow
It follows him wherever he goes
He’s felt like this so long
Now it’s the only thing he knows
You see, this girl was genuine
You know, this girl was real
Until the day he loved her
He didn’t know how it felt to feel
She bubbled over
Cartwheeled round
Spiraled straight into his heart
All he could really comprehend
Was that this love would be his last
No one else was like her
No one moved him as she did
No one made him laugh so much
Just by acting like a kid
She’d eat, she’d cry, she’d laugh, she’d play
She’d wear the same shorts everyday
She’d dance around and call his name
“You’d kiss me if you had a brain”
She’d snap pictures of his face
“I wonder how your lips would taste”
And when he showed her, she smiled and said
“Oh, by god, they taste like meds!
Come back here, another dose!
Be my star, my sun, my rose?”
“I can’t be your rose
That would be too gay
But darling, I’d do whatever you say
If you say be a flower, or you say be a tree,
Then by god, the plant is what I’d be!”
Love hit fast, hit hard, hit strong
He couldn’t have known it would leave him torn
A plane flew off and took her away
They communicated every day
She said she’d wait, she’d always love him
That her love would penetrate even her coffin
But a girl like her would always stand out
There would be other admirers, without a doubt
Soon enough she gave her heart away
While his remained fixed, struck with dismay
So now he wanders the Earth alone
Dreaming of the girl he’d called his home
His heart weighs heavy in his chest
Of course it does – she was ninety pounds at best.

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4 Responses to The one that got away

  1. This is amazing….really…its not for the sake of commenting…it really is bloody brilliant…

  2. aikoucheonsa says:

    wow… i really like this one… i can write through a girl’s perspective… but to write using a guy’s perspecitive is hard… and you did great…really. =) your other entries are nice as well… i’ve read them… keep writing gal! you’re amazing!

    • Ayesha says:

      Thanks a lot Aikou! :) I actually really enjoy writing from a guy’s point of view – cos our gender has so much charm and personality for them to appreciate! :D Will post another male-perspective one soon! Do keep reading!

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