I return your gaze defiantly
Pretending I don’t feel
The burning longing in my soul
That I know is very real
I keep the blush off my face
So you cant read my heart
I fake nonchalance so you wont see
I cant bear when we’re apart
I pretend I cannot interpret
The passion in your eyes
And though my heart is overwhelmed
I ignore it when it cries
If by accident, our fingers brush
And you lift your eyes to mine
I turn away indifferently
Pretending to be fine
When you walk away, I let you go
I don’t grab you by the wrist
And pull you back into my arms
And steal a silent kiss
I wont betray the way I feel
When you stand close to me
I wont let you unlock my heart
Even though you hold the key.

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2 Responses to Locked

  1. Mr.L.A.N.K.A says:

    fuck ur good lol !
    adding u to my bookmarks

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