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Border control

A plastic-coated wire fence Stands between you and I Our fingertips touch through its holes A tear escapes my eye It’s so long since I’ve seen you I want you to hug me tight But a plastic-coated wire fence Denies … Continue reading

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Forbidden Fruits

She knows she shouldn’t But she can’t resist The chest sits before her Testing her wits It’s glowing, teasing She glances around The room is empty There isn’t a sound Her crime will go unnoticed She’s got nothing to fear … Continue reading

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Every broken shell

You’re chasing me across the beach On a night beautiful beyond belief The stars shine on my laughing face As breathlessly, I try to dodge you Your hands catch me around my waist Picking me lightly off the ground You … Continue reading

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Every move is calculated Every move is planned Each blink, each glance Each blush and smile To put you in a trance To make you think exactly What she wants you to To see how you react To see what … Continue reading

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