The right choice

I know in spite of everything
That she has stuck with you
There’s been hurt and fights and conflict
But you both have seen it through
And though you seem to think
That I may be The One
How can I assure you
That we’d last in the long run?
So even though I care for you
I’m not afraid to draw the line
I know you’ll be safe in hands
More capable than mine
So friend, draw her close to you
And hold onto her tight
Be confident in knowing
That your final choice was right.

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The sandbox

I just want to play here, in the sandbox of your mind
Dig around with my plastic spade and delight in what I find
Leap across the monkey bars till I feel like I can fly
Travel on your train of thought asking “Why? Why? Why?”
You surprise me with your riddles, delight me with your jokes
Tell me of a conspiracy theory, a mystery and a hoax
Make me laugh and giggle, make me grin with glee
Make me look with new eyes, transforming what I see
Tell me I can do it, say the world’s no match for me
Tell me that for any lock, I already hold the key
So I will follow you anywhere, over land or sky or sea
Through mountains tall and oceans rough; past river, lake and tree
Because your mind is a palace, and it’s my favourite place to be
For when I dance inside it, that’s when I feel most free.

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The creature

They all fall in love
But never with me
For I know just the girl
They need me to be
A plaything, sweet, silly and free
Or mature, reserved, measured is she
So go ahead, fall in love
But know you don’t know me
For you don’t see the creature
The creature called Me.
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Breathing you in

I breathe you in
You’re a hair away
But I can’t bridge the gap
Oh, I’d give anything to defy
The force that holds me back
Just a whisper between us
You shiver where you stand
Every molecule charged
I try to still my shaking hand
I’m lightheaded by your presence
The smell of your shampoo
It’s taking all my self-control
Not to take hold of you
My lips so yearn to kiss you
And my hands to hold you tight
And yet I know I mustn’t
Because it isn’t right
I’ve got to keep on walking
Because I’m not yours, not today
So although I ache with love for you
I have to walk away.

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You tease me with the lightest touch
But I want so much more
Because even that feather touch
Shakes me to the core
You look at me a moment
But I yearn to hold your gaze
Drown inside your pupils
I could stare at you for days
You give me a casual nod
Say it’s nice to see me too
But you don’t know that all day long
I’ve been craving to see you
‘Goodnight then’ you wish me
But I want to keep you up
I’m desperate to tell you
That you make my heart erupt
But I know that you can’t hear it
I know you’ll turn away
I know you’ll beg for silence
And I’ll lose every single day
That I could have you near me
Hear your words and watch your walk
And so, to keep you close to me
I’ll be content to make small talk.

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Pawn in your palm

They say you’re an ass, to forget you
And I know they’re probably right
But my heart can’t seem to see
Your crime in black and white
It’s searching for excuses
To keep you in my life
Plucking at sanguine moments
Among years of mental strife
I used to know what I would stand for
I used to be so sure
But you fixed me of my cleverness
Loving you, that was the cure
And now I’m but a child
Clinging to your arm
Needing you to love me
A pawn upon your palm.

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I’m clinging tightly to you
But you just keep slipping through
They say that you are dying
And I don’t know what to do
I want to keep you by me
I’m fighting for you to live
But every cell in you is breaking
And you have nothing left to give
It kills me to watch you suffer
I yearn to take your place
I dream of spiriting you far away
To a kinder, safer place
But alas, this world is cruel
And I can only watch you die
Crawl under your bedsheets
And hold you till our last goodbye.

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