Thank you for the sip of water
For the precious draught of air
For the little dregs of kindness
Which, in my life, are rare
I thought I was designed
To survive and not to live
But I stole some sanguine moments
You were good enough to give
Of course I’m nothing to you
And that’s just how it should be
And it matters not one whit
That you are everything to me
It’s correct that you would love her
It’s right that she should claim your heart
The both of you are kindred spirits
Whereas I’m a world apart
Still I’ll cherish those sweet moments
Though they were precious few
I’ll cling tightly to my memories
And think gratefully of you.

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It’s true, you may be the sun
But know this, I have rays too
It’s just that none can see them
When blinded by the light of you
Yes, my glow is subtle
But it has its own character too
So give me a chance to shine
And I just may surprise you.

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Gypsy heart

She’s leaping off a cliff
She’s dancing in the rain
Running naked down the beach
Like she was born to be insane
Racing to the water
Skinny dipping at high tide
Forget about the clothes
She’s already stripped of pride
Twirling barefoot in the grass
Eyes focused, making art
Every day, a fresh start
For the feisty gypsy of my heart.

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Always yours

Don’t you worry
You have to know
You hold my heart
You’ve made it grow
And it will be yours
For evermore
Because you’re the one
Whom I adore
So don’t look on him
With jealous eyes
Know I’m immune
To other guys
Know I’m yours
And yours alone
My mind, my heart
My flesh, my bone
Know no one else
Can compete
No one else can
Have your seat
Upon the cushion
In my heart
No one could ever
Claim a part
So don’t think or
Hesitate or pause
Know that I am
Always yours.

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Easter Sunday

How’d you come to be so cruel?
How’d you come to cause such pain?
Is this what you wanted?
To believe you’d make it rain?
Well now it’s raining blood
And flesh and guts and tears
Bleeding hearts of innocents
And of you and of your peers
What sort of mental illness
Forms such a breed of psychopath?
Tell me, what kind of madness
Forms a man without a heart?
A man who’d pull the trigger
To kill himself and hundreds more
Men, women and children
Tell me, are you keeping score?
What sort of heaven
Do you believe that you could reach
On a tsunami wave of blood
Over a flesh covered beach?
How’d you come to be so ruthless?
What makes a man so cruel?
Your hatred burns like fire
Where could you find such fuel?
You may have left us shattered
But we will persevere with love
And we will triumph over evil
You can be sure, we’ll rise above.

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Your way

There’s something about the words you say
The way you insist I’ll be yours someday
And nothing and no one can stand in your way
Because my heart is your goal and you’re not here to play
Something that makes me think that I’d be okay
If you broke through the surface and somehow got your way.

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Your fire

You keep saying you don’t love me
But then you give me hope
And I’d rather burn within your fire
Than waft away from you like smoke
So even though it hurts so much
Even though I’m scarred
I keep serving up my heart to you
Broken, bleeding, black and charred.

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