In the balance

I remember shivering in your presence
With a kind of repressed glee
Because a part of me envisioned
Everything that we could be
And my life hung in the balance
Depending on my move
But I couldn’t lift a finger
Because it would be wrong to prove
That you were my soulmate
And I could be your sun
And we could live together
Live on love and live on rum
And we would be so happy
And every day would be so good
But I simply couldn’t do it
I couldn’t make a move
Although my heart was screaming
That I could not let you go
I knew it would be wrong
To show you we could have much more
And so I sat a-shivering
As you stood close to me
And the possibilities hung in the balance
And I couldn’t let you see.

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3 Responses to In the balance

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  2. LudmilaBopitiya says:

    I love this!

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