Encounters with Aladdin

You took me off my pedestal
And you placed me on the ground
And as I lay between your feet
I felt so safe and sound

You looked into my eyes so long
Like you could read my soul
And in opening my heart to you
I discovered it was whole

You pulled away the satin curtains
To reveal a world beyond
The life, the love, the colour
The bursting, heartfelt song

You laced your fingers through my own
And I held onto yours tight
As you showed me common luxuries
To which I didn’t know I had a right

You pulled off my tiara
And dropped it in a wishing well
So I wished for more of the joy you bring
And never to wake from your spell

In the square, you grabbed my hands
And we danced a playful jig
And impulsively, as we spun around
You planted upon my lips, a kiss

Oh I’ve never felt so bashful
And I’ll never again feel such glee
For my heart will always revisit
The day Aladdin kissed me.

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