Border control

A plastic-coated wire fence
Stands between you and I
Our fingertips touch through its holes
A tear escapes my eye
It’s so long since I’ve seen you
I want you to hug me tight
But a plastic-coated wire fence
Denies me of this right
Your fingers clasped around mine
Assure me you are here
It makes me feel a little safe
To know that you are near
You bring your lips down to my hand
And dot my nails with kisses
I wish that I could hold the man
Who answered my heart’s wishes
But a plastic-coated wire fence
Is standing in the way
There is nothing I can do
For there it will always stay
I silently watch you kiss my hands
As more tears run down my cheeks
It hurts to think I wont see your face
For many days and weeks
We press our foreheads together
So they touch through the same hole
My fingers twist around yours
Longing burns within my soul
You are so close
And yet so far
I can’t kiss you
And it breaks my heart
The plastic-coated wire fence
Stands insolently between us
I yearn for it to melt away
Disintegrate to dust.

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