The magician

You swept me up in your magic
Your quirks, your mystery
Blindfolded, you led me on
With practiced sensuality
Till I believed I loved you
And that you loved me too
But it was all just smoke and shadows
And soon you had vanished too.

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The spotlight

All of these years later
Though our lives have completely changed
You still look at me the way you did
Before we became estranged
I’m standing in a crowd
But I feel your eyes on me
Staring with such intensity
Though I don’t know what you see
I haven’t become beautiful
I’m not acting sweet
But to you, I seem an angel
A goddess in the street
Your fingers reach towards me
Before falling to your side
As though there is a force field
You’re struggling to defy
I don’t understand it
Oh what is it you see?
What is it you’re thinking
Each time you look at me?

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I’m all sobbed out, I’m broken
I’ve never felt like this before
Then I look up and see you
Standing, staring, at the door
You cross the room in two strides
And collect me in your arms
Hug and hold me close to you
Say I’m safe from any harm
You rock me like a child
Whisper in my ear
And tell me all the things
You know I’m desperate to hear
It’s going to be alright
Everything will be okay
You wipe away fresh tears
And say you’re here to stay
But how can I believe that?
How can I know it’s true?
What if when I look away
I find that I can’t find you
I feel I’m lost in the forest
Grasping after you in vain
Pleading for salvation
Crying out your name
But the darkness envelopes me
A punishing quiet fills the air
And anxiously though I may search
I’ll find no one is there.

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Quiet discontent

There’s a feeling that creeps up on me
In the early hours of the morn
A quiet kind of discontent
Like a dying phoenix song
And though I try to quash it
Eerily it stays
Dampening my feelings
Whispering for change
It hints that something’s missing
I am yet unfulfilled
There’s unspent passion to be realised
And fast, before it’s killed
It’s time now to burst into flames
And rise again anew
Dust away the ashes
And glow in every hue.

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Men who look like you

I never liked men who look like you
Like they always know just what to do
Hair carefully styled with the latest goo
Pants, shoes and shirt, shiny and new
I like my men weird, and awkward too
Quirky and lanky and witty and lewd
I don’t want a square, I don’t want a prude
I’d prefer someone who’s slightly skewed
See, you’re monochrome, not multi-hued
So forgive me that I would let you brood
But I need my man to be clever and crude
And the likes of you will just not do.

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Bubble of love

He’s worshipping me with his lips
With his hands and with his kiss
He’s looking at me with adoring eyes
Staring hard like I’m a prize
Holding me like he can’t let go
Saying he loves me to my core
From the top of my head
To the tip of my toe
From my entire body
To each and every pore
Wrapping me up in his arms
Protecting me from bodily harm
Placing his lips upon my neck
In a full, lush kiss, not just a peck
Planting more upon my cheeks
Kissing me like it’s been weeks
Making me laugh and grin with glee
Whispering today is all about me
Touching me like only he knows how
Each trace of his hand, a mini-vow
He’s making my heart leap and soar
Making it sing, making it roar
It’s rising, climbing, flying above
As he bundles me up in a bubble of love.

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Red hot air balloon

Riding your thermal currents
In my red hot air balloon
Lifted swiftly through the air
Oh, how you make me swoon!
Powered by the fire
That’s lighting up my heart
Climbing higher and higher
I don’t ever want to be apart
But oh no, what’s happening?
Suddenly, I feel so cold
I am lost and I am shaken
An icy wind now blows
There’s someone sitting on my hot air balloon
And picking at the threads
Something’s weighing me down
And oh, she’s pretty; she turns heads
And now, suddenly I’m falling
I’m hurtling to the ground
But my broken heart will kill me
Before my broken body’s found.

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