I’m hungry for you to see me
And you’re looking in my eyes
But with a look that tells me
That you see past the guise
I’m desperate for you to hold me
To feel your mouth on mine
Your eyes still envelope me
Even after all this time
To you it doesn’t matter
That I’ve built a different man
Because you loved the boy
And you don’t need the sham
I’m begging you to touch me
Go on and bridge the gap
You’ve been there before
And you don’t need a map
I’ve become a new man
But with you I’m just that boy
And you may have your whole life
But you’re my only source of joy
It’s only you who sees me
And values what you see
Your touch tells me that I’m enough
When I’m nothing more than me.
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The spark

I’m sliding down the staircase
I’m floating through the air
All because you saw me
All because you stared
I’m skidding through the corridor
Grinning cheek to cheek
Because I stood so near to you
And at last we got to speak
What’s all this boundless energy?
What’s all this bubbling glee?
I don’t know but I’ve a feeling
It’s the start of you and me.

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Couldn’t you tell you loved him?
Why’d you hold onto me?
You made the heartbreak harder
Than it had to be
You tried to go on loving me
When you’d given your heart away
You tried to ignore the feelings
That had led that heart astray
There was naught that I could do
Nothing I could say
You promised not to leave me
But your eyes, they did betray
You couldn’t fight the feeling
That I was not The One
And though you swore you loved me
Your heart was on the run.

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Standing in line

I’m standing in line to kiss you
You’re making me wait my turn
But I’m not used to loving
Girls I have to earn
Somehow you make it worth it
There’s something in your smile
So I suppose I can keep waiting
For a longer while.

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Your lonely heart

You just want somebody
To fit into your master plan
You just want somebody
Willing to hold your hand
So you say you love me
Though you don’t know why you do
Cos you don’t love me for me
You love me for you
Tick tock, your time is running out
You’ve got to find her fast
Got to find somebody
Cos you don’t want to finish last
Well guess what, I’m not up for sale
And I don’t want your love
I don’t have a use for it
So move before I shove
Stop trying to shackle me
With artificial claims of love
Release me from your grasping clutch
And let me soar above
For I can see the sun ahead
A beacon in the sky
Let loose your chains around me
Free me and let me fly.

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Fake love

I broke the beautiful storyline
Created by my romantic mind
I decided to love him
And showed him so
I peeked and blushed
Like I wanted more

You laughed to yourself
For he was your best friend
And it seemed my attention
Would never end
You knew my secret
Or so you thought
And you knew I knew
That I’d been caught

Then he left
I didn’t see him again
And my infatuation came to an end
But still you smiled
You laughed at me
And then I felt
A new warmth burst free
Was it my mind
Playing tricks on me?

It wasn’t the fake love
I’d forged with your friend
It wasn’t created, it wasn’t pretend
I just wanted to feel
The effect of your smile
For you to look my way
And grin for a while
That cheesy grin
You couldn’t suppress
That quirky smile
That wouldn’t be repressed

And when he returned
I couldn’t care less
Cos no more did I care for his looks
No more did I care for his fame
Cos your erratic ways and impulsive smile
Put them both to shame.

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Elephant in the room

You told me that you cared for me
But I already knew it to be true
Though you never saw just how much
My own heart begged for you
Your eyes betrayed your secret
When they’d alight upon my face
And fire at those who came too close
Or look away with too much haste
Yes, I knew you loved me
So I stripped bare my soul
I made myself vulnerable
And revealed you made me whole
But when you said you loved me
It was a confession with a clause
That we couldn’t be together
For our love would ignite wars
But alas, it was too late
We’d kissed the elephant in the room
And life would progress quickly
And we’d soon dance towards our doom.

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