There’s a hole in my head
Though my heart is full
And it overflows under my eyelids
Even as my face is still
I’m terrified because I love you
And I never want to let you go
But you bring me such heartache
I have never felt so low
Why would you hurt me
In this way again?
Why would you push me
Back into this pain?
Haven’t I suffered
Enough from loving you?
Must I continue to suffer
After you say you love me too?
I knew that there’d be problems
But this particular one
Was not something I expected
From the one I called The One
I thought that we were past the hump
I thought we’d be okay
I thought you’d treasure what we had
In lieu of yesterday
But alas, you were not finished
With my tattered heart
I suppose you won’t be satisfied
Until it’s ripped apart
I’ve been such a foolish lover
I thought it meant as much to you
You’ve cheated me of my fairytale
The ball and the pumpkin too
Gone are my high ideals of love
Gone are my naïve dreams
You’ve left me a broken creature
Whose eyes no longer gleam.

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