Tonight I walk away with tear-filled eyes
Because for 10 long years, I believed a lie
I thought you were a different man
And I was proud to hold your hand
And travel with you to build a new world
You’d beam with pride, say ‘That’s my girl’
But tonight those words took a different tone
A tone that chilled me to the bone
My trusted advisor, my mentor, my friend
Decided I had more to lend
And sought out new space inside my heart
Elbowing through to the sheltered part
I just wanted to talk the night away
And build a better world with you each day
But now things will never be the same
Since you decided to play that game
Since you cast the dice in the air
Tossed them up without a care
And they fell like bullets and struck my heart
No, I’m not your girl, I’m not your tart
I’ve lost a friend, I’m torn apart
And it’s too late now to mend my heart
Oh why’d you say the words you did?
If you could put them back and close the lid
Alas, you can’t undo the past
So from tonight, my heart will bear a cast.

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