The seven deadly sins

Sloth keeps me tied, glued to his bed
Asleep in a pool of my own sweat
Living through the lies that run through my head
Wait long enough, you’ll find me dead.

Greed means I’ll never be happy
For you see, I will always want more
More cars, more cash, more pretty things
There is naught I will forego.

Gluttony makes me indulgent
Nothing is ever enough
Not the meat, nor the wine, nor the cake
And now I can’t lift myself up.

Envy, my green-eyed monster
Casts its evil eye on you
I want your man, your hair, your life
And your red stilettos too.

Lust burns hot right through my veins
Making me want you oh so bad
Soon everything else is forgotten
So in nine months, you’ll be a dad.

Pride tells me I am never wrong
I refuse to compromise
I stick my nose up in the air
And treat you all like flies.

Rage surges fast inside of me
Wild, explosive, red
Spilling over like a volcano
It makes me wish you dead.

They lurk within every one of us
These seven deadly sins
And try as we might to ward them off
Every now and then, they win.

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2 Responses to The seven deadly sins

  1. Charaka says:

    Non-romantic poem after a while and it’s very thought provoking!
    If I may try to write a poem in reply:

    There once lived a man
    Who thought he killed the seven sins
    He was praised by the villagers
    As a saint; good and wise

    He taught the king
    How he tamed the mind.
    In return, for his sermons
    he was offered a meal

    One day the king got sick
    The queen brought the meal
    She was beauty he hadn’t seen
    Lust slowly raised; was it still alive?

    Come come, shall we run away
    I’d show the world outside the castle
    He told her in a hushed tone
    Yet burning with lust

    She dropped the plate of meal
    Ran away to the king to say it all
    “You must have misheard”
    The king told her in disbelief

    The queen had a second thought
    “Perhaps I misheard it”
    They walked back to the “saint”
    And asked him hesitantly

    The “saint” stayed silent, talking to his heart
    If I lie, they’d believe me
    If I lie, my face and life would be saved
    Should I lie, or should I not

    Lust has fallen asleep again
    Yet the pride seemed to be awaking
    The sins hadn’t been dead as he thought
    They were just sleeping

    He glanced at the shining swords
    Which the king had as well as his guards
    He took a deep breath as if it was his last
    “You didn’t misheard me!” he screamed.

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