Fake love

I broke the beautiful storyline
Created by my romantic mind
I decided to love him
And showed him so
I peeked and blushed
Like I wanted more

You laughed to yourself
For he was your best friend
And it seemed my attention
Would never end
You knew my secret
Or so you thought
And you knew I knew
That I’d been caught

Then he left
I didn’t see him again
And my infatuation came to an end
But still you smiled
You laughed at me
And then I felt
A new warmth burst free
Was it my mind
Playing tricks on me?

It wasn’t the fake love
I’d forged with your friend
It wasn’t created, it wasn’t pretend
I just wanted to feel
The effect of your smile
For you to look my way
And grin for a while
That cheesy grin
You couldn’t suppress
That quirky smile
That wouldn’t be repressed

And when he returned
I couldn’t care less
Cos no more did I care for his looks
No more did I care for his fame
Cos your erratic ways and impulsive smile
Put them both to shame.

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