I’m all sobbed out, I’m broken
I’ve never felt like this before
Then I look up and see you
Standing, staring, at the door
You cross the room in two strides
And collect me in your arms
Hug and hold me close to you
Say I’m safe from any harm
You rock me like a child
Whisper in my ear
And tell me all the things
You know I’m desperate to hear
It’s going to be alright
Everything will be okay
You wipe away fresh tears
And say you’re here to stay
But how can I believe that?
How can I know it’s true?
What if when I look away
I find that I can’t find you
I feel I’m lost in the forest
Grasping after you in vain
Pleading for salvation
Crying out your name
But the darkness envelopes me
A punishing quiet fills the air
And anxiously though I may search
I’ll find no one is there.

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1 Response to Where?

  1. sulagno13 says:

    Don’t worry he is not leaving you anywhere. No sensible person would leave an angel like you so chill. :)

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