Men who look like you

I never liked men who look like you
Like they always know just what to do
Hair carefully styled with the latest goo
Pants, shoes and shirt, shiny and new
I like my men weird, and awkward too
Quirky and lanky and witty and lewd
I don’t want a square, I don’t want a prude
I’d prefer someone who’s slightly skewed
See, you’re monochrome, not multi-hued
So forgive me that I would let you brood
But I need my man to be clever and crude
And the likes of you will just not do.

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5 Responses to Men who look like you

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  2. systemoad says:

    Haha. :)
    Good one.

  3. LudmilaBopitiya says:

    Daymn girl! you nailed it! :)

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