Puppet of habit

You touch but you don’t feel me
You’re cold in my arms
You look but you don’t see me
I don’t hold any charm
You’re mentally removed
A puppet of habit
I search for some love
I try so hard to grab it
But I’m a stranger to you
The one creature I crave
The one person whose life
I would die to save
You gaze right through me
As though you’ve already left
And my heart feels tight
Beating fast in my chest
So fearful of losing
The one I need most
Desperate to breathe
Life into your ghost
You’re present in body
But absent in soul
And I’m trying so hard
To make you feel whole
But the truth is written
All over your face
You no longer love me
You want your space
So I’ll give it to you
As much as you crave
But I’ll always be waiting
An eternal slave
Waiting to be touched
By an angel above
And be bathed once more
In the warmth of your love.

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