Back into the lion’s den

I walked back into the lion’s den
Though I feared I may be mauled again
I wiped my tears and held my head high
I tried so hard to believe the lie
That everything would be fine this time
That you’d spare my body and my mind
That the scars I bore would quickly heal
That you would love me – this time, for real
I tried to believe it, I tried so hard
I bathed myself with my façade
Then I took three steps into your cave
I saw your crown and became your slave
You tore into me with vicious words
You broke my body into thirds
Carelessly you ripped my heart
And with a lazy swipe, you tore it apart
But of course, I am the one to blame
You didn’t call, it was I who came
I walked into your open mouth
Ignoring every painful doubt
Quietening an inner cry
I served my body up to die.

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