My Technicolor Life

Hot pink and lime green
These are the colors in which I dream
Deep purple and fiery red
Are the feelings that draw me into your bed
Warm orange and turquoise blue
The nature of my love for you
The blue of the sky on a sunny day
That’s the shade of my lingerie
Baby pink and olive green
Like you and I – an unlikely team
Canary yellow and tangerine
That’s how it felt to be a teen
Earthy brown and fire-engine red
Oh, it’s just like you to mess with my head
Oranges, yellows, pastels and peach
Take me back to those nights on the beach
Violet, purple and indigo
Cos you give me so much but I always want more
The deepest, darkest, richest black
Reminds me of all the things I lack
But the purest, cleanest, brightest white
Points me towards the elusive light
I’m dancing and tripping along the rainbow
A shade for every high and low
The ups, the downs and the turn-arounds
The colors as sure as my heart pounds.

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