Hurting me with heartache

You punish me for not loving you
You tear me down with things you do
You cut me up with words you don’t say
And the hurt that you hide each and every day
You torture me with the pain you feel
And hopes you know could never be real
You kill me every time you pause
And force me to know that I am the cause
Of your pain and your heartache
Your sorrows, your grief
Of an unspoken anguish
Every time that we meet
But it’s not my fault I can’t love you
Please stop hurting me for things I don’t do
The endearments you know I’ll never say
And the attention I’m not inclined to pay
I know you know love’s not a choice
It’s your heart’s cry, its anguished voice
And perhaps your heart cries my name
But my heart just cannot feel the same
For the name it calls is that of one
Who was born to be my soul and sun
And there is nothing I could ever do
To prompt my heart to scream for you
Oh, I know it hurts to hear the truth
But you deserve the love of storybooks
So mute your heart till love again takes hold
To echo through the mountains
And be returned tenfold.

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