Virgin hearts beat soundly

Virgin hearts beat soundly
They have nothing to fear
Their owner’s vision is not blurry
It’s untainted, all is clear
They know their stance on right and wrong
They know what’s good and bad
They know what they will stand for
And how to cope when they get sad
But hearts that love beat faster
They ricochet around
They dance confused and helpless
To dramatic music that abounds
There is a master puppeteer
And a lover’s heart is but a toy
A gentle tug of the heartstrings
Inflicts pain or boundless joy
Virgin hearts know not
The vicious stab of jealousy
Or the pain of parting
Oh, that bitter agony!
They are yet unacquainted
With the swelling, surging glee
That adoration brings
And sound compatibility
Perhaps they’ve known the pull of lust
But it’s a whole new kind of fire
When true lovers start to play
And love mingles with desire
A plethora of deep emotions
To plant a skip in your heartbeat
Oh, virgin hearts beat soundly
Loving isn’t for the weak.

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