When it’s love there is no cure

You said that we were over
But now you don’t seem so sure
Because baby, when it’s love
There is no cure
Last time you said you’d had enough
As you pushed me out the door
I yelled, “I’ll be back soon enough
I’ve seen this all before”
I know that I am hard to trust
You claim that we aren’t meant to last
But sweet, I know my place –
It’s in your heart
You and I keep breaking up
But we always end up at the start
Cos the fact is, my love
That I possess your heart
The both of us are prone to fight
It doesn’t mean that we’re not right
I miss you soon as you’re out of my sight
You keep saying that it’s over
You insist you’ve had enough
And yet your eyes keep lighting up
When I try to make you laugh
So come now, let me in again
You know we never could pretend
You and me, our story has no end
Last night you swore you’d let me go
You said this time that you were sure
But darling, when it’s love, there’s just no cure.

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