The careful mind, the hapless heart

“Follow your heart,” they told me
The voices in my head
But I fear my heart is altered
And now follows my head instead
You see, I thought that I adored him
Though he was no good for me
My heart told me that I loved him
While my mind tried to make me see
But I gave my heart the driver’s seat
And it took me for a ride
Ultimately all I wanted
Was to find a place to hide
The experience left me broken
So I resolved to make a change
I decided it was time –
Time to turn the page
I suppressed my heart’s desires
I gave my mind control
Alas, this poses a new problem
For when my mind is on patrol
It won’t let me show him
How I really feel
Though this boy is so good to me
This boy’s love seems real
But my mind, it still whispers
“He may let you down
He may turn you inside out
And throw you to the ground”
My heart says he is not like that
“I’m sure this one is different”
My mind is quick to scold
“You’re not known for being prudent”
So until my heart and mind
Can achieve some kind of balance
I am forced to dance in limbo
Within the spectrum of their talents.

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2 Responses to The careful mind, the hapless heart

  1. Charaka says:

    No no, ma’am
    It’s not your mind.
    The voice that says you’ll be let down.
    It’s not your mind.

    We just found out, it’s an agent of your heart itself disguised as your mind.

    It’s your heart that wants to believe the best or the worst.

    Your mind really says “Well, I don’t know if this one is different. Neither I I know if you’ll be let down. Maybe you won’t.”

    By the way, I’m detective Ayesherlock, an agent of your mind.

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