A quick love story

He was cute and good and kind
And smart and funny too
She looked at him with lover’s eyes
She cared for him, it’s true
He hid his feelings deep inside
He wouldn’t let them out
Though he wanted so to hold her hand
And to kiss her on the mouth
She thought he was so very sweet
And she wanted him to know
That no one else compared to him
Her heart was a one-man show
Her fingers itched to meet his own
Her lips to touch his cheek
He wondered if she noticed
When her eyes, his own would seek
She dreamed of him night after night
She was his for the asking
And she excited in every moment
That the both of them spent in passing
Soon enough he learnt she loved him
And he enveloped her in a kiss
They were together thereafter
Content in their mutual bliss.

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2 Responses to A quick love story

  1. systemoad says:

    Shouldn’t all love stories be like this eh?

    (You chose mouth instead of lips…strange)

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