You’re the magic in my day
The punchline to what I say
The soul in songs I sing
The bough from which I swing
You’re the giggle on my lips
The music that moves my hips
The flavour in my drink
The twist to what I think
You’re the turquoise on my toes
You’re the sexy in my pose
You’re the breeze that hits my face
The first breath after the race
The pillow on which I sleep
The soft kisses on my cheek
You’re my most favourite book
And my own cosy nook
You’re the moonstone on my ring
You’re the toothy in my grin
The handsome stranger in my dream
The sturdy post on which I lean
You’re the sky in which I fly
The warm, contented sigh
The home to which I run
The soul that is my sun
You are the breeze that holds my kite
You are what’s special in my life
With you I am complete
You are my lungs and my heartbeat.

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2 Responses to You

  1. Frank Booth says:

    Brilliant! The sky which I fly, that’s just marvelous!

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