For my beloved

I want to get past your body’s frame
And slip into your soul
To stitch myself inside you
I know then I would feel whole

I want to get close enough
To hear my heartbeat within yours
And for you to listen to my own
And know you are the cause

Love, you are my other self
A kindred spirit of my soul
I read my feelings in your heart
Your eyes are my peephole

Darling, even as you heat me up
I find I feel refreshed
Because the love I hold for you
Is of the heart as well as flesh

And when your lips meet mine
And when I take your hand
It’s like we are transported
To our own familiar land

Where no one else can touch us
Where nothing’s real but love
Where spirits soar and angels sing
While our hearts dance around above

Thank you for being my lover
But more importantly, my best friend
Our story is so beautiful
Our story has no end.

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2 Responses to For my beloved

  1. systemoad says:

    Stumbled upon your blog by accident…
    And WoooW…
    Do all these pieces fit together and do they come from experience? I’m too darn curious..

    • Ayesha says:

      Thanks for your enthusiasm! No, they don’t fit together, they are a patchwork quilt of poems I’ve written over the years – some new, some old, some based on experience, some fabricated by imagination. :) Thanks so much for reading!

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