Love and other games

I look your way
I hide a smile
You see me look
I wait a while
You check again
I know you do
I know you think
That I love you

Why do I do it?
Is it really just fun?
I tell myself to stop this shit
But common sense? I have none.
I know what you think
You don’t know it’s just a game
To watch you in your seat
When you don’t even know my name

I say that I don’t love you
I tell myself it’s all a lie
But then I look at you again
And I wonder, really, do I?
It’s not like me to tease
It’s not like me to play
But there’s something about you
I have to look your way
I don’t try to hide it
I know what you see
What on earth has happened,
To the feminist in me?

I look around
A guy winks
I look away
Another stares
I look at you
You look around
Pretending not to notice
That you’re the one
My eyes have found

I look up
I catch your eye
You blush, look down
I smile, I sigh
You’ve spoilt my fun
The game is over
The damage is done
I love you
It’s true, I do
Perhaps, just maybe,
You love me too?

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