Mask of hatred

You look at me so angrily
Though I’ve done nothing wrong
Your expression is unjustified
My happy mood is torn
Fixedly you stare at me
With a harsh and cruel eye
I have nothing to feel bad about
But you make me want to cry
I avert my gaze and look away
But still you rudely stare
Your expression’s burned into my brain
If I cried you wouldn’t care
I try to lighten the atmosphere
With a joke, giggle, laugh
But your face is set in stone
It’s sculpted, set and cast
Innocence won’t move you
Nor will childish glee
Your upper lip is curled
And your anger’s aimed at me
I can’t say another word
Cos I know my voice will crack
Hurt builds up inside me
I’m fighting the tears back
What have I ever done to you
To make you look like that?
Or tell me, is your sole intent
Just to make me feel like crap?
I can’t take this anymore
Your cruel eyes torment me
I turn away, I’m out the door
Don’t follow cos it will kill me.

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2 Responses to Mask of hatred

  1. Klextin says:

    I truly hope you have not experienced this, The very thought of you or anyone experiencing this injustice and cruelty is to much to imagine.

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