Today you came around to see
My little baby boy
He stared into your eyes and laughed
With unembarrassed joy
You raised your face to meet my eyes
As my son played with your tie
And as the tears rolled down your cheeks
I too began to cry

We could never be together
Fate has made it so
So I asked you for one single thing
And in my belly, I felt it grow
I asked you to give me a baby
A little piece of you
That I could love with all my heart
So it wouldn’t break in two

My son will never know the face
From which he gets his eyes
He will never understand
The reason for my sighs
And though he’ll lead a life of love
There’ll be no papa by his side
Though perhaps you’ll watch him from afar
And ache with fatherly pride

My son will never know the name
Of the man I love
For I will say his daddy watches him
Solely from heaven above
And if he chances to meet in the street
A man with eyes like his
Who startles at the sight of him
I will brush it off with a kiss

Each day he grows more like you
And each night I toss and turn
For it’s only in my dreams I find
The one for whom I yearn

I promise I will mould your son
Into a man of depth and insight
And perhaps one day, we’ll meet again
To make love once more in the moonlight.

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