Oh! There you are!
I see you!
The face I seek each day!
I swear, to see your smile,
Sometimes I think I’d pay!
I come over just to tease you
To claim your attention for my own
And to notice that when I talk to you
To my lips, your eyes do roam!
So when are you going to kiss me?
I’m waiting for the day!
Sometimes upon my cheek
Gently, your hand, you lay
Do you know that when you do that,
It always makes my day?
I do so want to get you alone
So I can kiss you on the mouth
I dream about it all the time
Sometimes it makes me pout
I wonder if you think of me
The way I think of you
Probably not, but nevermind
There’s not much I can do!
Anyway, hurry up and kiss me!
Cos I think that you’d be good
I know I’m being quite forward
But it’s better than being rude! ;)


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