Not that simple

Memories and flashbacks
Zip before his eyes
As she walks away from him
And whispers her last goodbye
He sees her face before him
When they were just about to kiss
He remembers her dark head of hair
Even then so hard to miss
He sees her steal his lollipop
Saying she wants a taste
He remembers her take off her bra
With a coy smile on her face
He remembers when he winked at her
How he made her blush
And how every time he kissed her
It gave him such a rush
He remembers when she leant on him
And wept such bitter tears
And how he held her tight and close
And tried to crush her fears
He remembers how he made her laugh
And how she adored his dimples
And how she said she loved him
But it really wasn’t that simple.

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2 Responses to Not that simple

  1. Whacko says:

    its never that simple is is? love the poems.. keep going!

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