Somebody you know

I wander blindly through the crowds
Putting on this show
Throwing fake smiles left and right
Though my heart is thick with woe
I’m alone in my depression
Cos no one gives a crap
I might even be a ghost
Cos no one sees me, that’s a fact
If I break down and cry right here
Will anybody turn?
Or will they just step on over me?
Or look at me in spurn?
I’m collapsing from the inside
Nobody understands
Will you help me get back up?
Will you lend a hand?

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4 Responses to Somebody you know

  1. Ashani says:

    <3 it.

  2. lady divine says:

    quite sad.. and makes one feel it if they’re going through something similar….
    this did touch a nerve…

    very nicely written! :)

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