I see how much you love her
And how everything she does
Cannot help but put
A smile across your face
I try so hard to make you see
That you’re really meant for me
But the days pass and still it’s always she
That you love wholeheartedly
You yearn for her attention
Trying so hard to make her laugh
She doesn’t see, but boy, do I
And it tears my heart in half
Cupid needs to fix his aim
Cos I cannot bear this torture
It hurts to see you go out of your way
To flirt with and tease and provoke her
She always makes you turn your head
She always makes you smile
She doesn’t even realise
That for her, you’d run a mile
I wish I could turn you around
And make you notice me
I wish that I could kiss your lips
Maybe that would make you see?
I guess I’ll have to sit and wait
For the day when you stop loving her
And then I’ll have to grab my chance
And show you how you make my heart dance
And if you still don’t seem to see
How much I believe you’re destined for me
Then I’ll just have to find another man
Who makes me love
The way you can.

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6 Responses to She

  1. craz4luv says:

    Really cute. Your own composition?

  2. real happy person says:

    Nice post. I feeeeeeel you :) Unrequited love is a bitch :(

  3. Ashani says:

    Totally understand this poem. :(
    It’s exactly how I feel. </3

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