I remember the day
When everything changed
A lock of hair fell in front of my face
I recall how surprised I was
When you gently tucked it back into place
I tried to keep on talking
Even though my words were faltering
I averted my eyes and when I looked up
Your own dark ones were burning
They were such a beautiful shade of brown
How had I not noticed before?
This was the day, I remember
The day that our friendship tore
I could feel something in me churning
Maybe it knew that things had changed
Perhaps it knew exactly why
I suddenly felt so strange
I’d never been so confused before
So much I wanted to run out the door
But a part of me wanted to sit and stay
To understand this game
And perhaps, even to play
We continued our conversation
The atmosphere was strained
Perhaps we’d already realized
That by then, our friendship was maimed
When our knees met beneath the table
My stomach felt so tight
How could something feel
Simultaneously wrong and right?
You were my best friend
You knew me inside out
So why was I, so suddenly
Struck with such self-doubt?
I made an excuse to escape you
Trying to slip away
But sensing my discomfort,
You said, “Hey, come on, please stay”
You’d seized me by the finger
You made it tingle so
And even though I wanted to
I found I could not go
So I sunk back into place
Hoping the moment would pass
You chattered on to comfort me
But the cards were already cast
After moments of awkward banter
You said, “Let’s go for a walk”
So up we got and strolled around
Even though we could not talk
And when you’re hand brushed into mine
And inside, I jumped a mile
Outwardly, I looked around
And tried to fake a smile
How many times had you and I
Taken this path before?
And never once had my very being
Been shaken at its core
I could feel our friendship molting
I yearned to hold it tight
I did not want to lose the thing
That had felt, to me, so right
But how, when I could not meet your eyes?
How, when you looked so good?
How, when another girl checked you out,
It seemed to darken my mood?
Out of the blue, you took my hand,
And said, “Let’s do something mad!
Let’s steal a car, let’s run away,
Let’s make ourselves look bad!”
A mischievous glint shone in your eye
And you seemed to smile so wide
I couldn’t help but start to laugh
As I stood there, by your side
Before I knew it, you released my hand
And clasped my face instead
You brought your own so close to mine
I started to lose my head
And when your lips approached me
I tiptoed to meet them first
I didn’t quite expect to feel
This sudden excited burst
The kiss ended all too quickly
And all at once, I felt so shy
Where had our best-friendship gone?
Who was this gorgeous guy?
You linked your fingers through my own
Both our palms were sweaty
Suddenly, you turned to me,
“Well, that sure beats Monopoly!”
I laughed at you, returned your grin,
And we kept on a-walking
Soon we were back to our normal pace,
Laughing and teasing and talking.

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2 Responses to Monopoly

  1. sulagno13 says:

    Intriguing indeed

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