Falling in fate

Through the tall grass
She’s running fast
Her heart pounding in her chest
He’s moving quickly after her
Putting himself to the test

He’s gaining on her, catching up
She’s panting as she runs
Very fast, away from him
Both are sweating in the sun
She can’t let him catch her
It’s important she escape
She knows if he should catch her
That there will be no rape

She wants so much to be faithful
But it’s her body she can’t trust
There’s no telling what might happen
And so, flee, she must

Meanwhile, he’s breathing quickly
Advancing upon his goal
She’s so preoccupied with escaping him
She doesn’t see the gaping hole

Lunging forward, he catches her
And she collapses in his arms
They don’t miss a beat
Their lips connect
Desire takes its toll
The intensity reaches a peak
Passion emanates from each soul

Feelings they had long pushed aside
Explode within them now
And they’re finally forced to recognize
Their deep and secret love.

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