Tears of a clown

Look at me
Being happy
Watch me smile and joke and tease
I can make you laugh so hard
That you slap your knees
I am not really special, pretty or even smart
There is naught that I can do
Except to make you laugh
But deep inside I’m crying
For the part of me I hide
I know that when I leave this earth
They’ll say, “The clown has died”
They don’t try to look beyond
The trickster that they see
They think that that is all there is
There is no more to me
I fix this smile upon my face
And talk throughout the day
But not one word has meaning
Not one thing I say
I’m not allowed to have feelings
Or to reveal that I’m afraid
I’m forced to keep on smiling
Pretending to be unfazed
No one takes me seriously
I only serve to make them laugh
So I fulfill my duty
Though I know I’m just a farce.

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