Taking the plunge

We look at each other
And quietly smile
The sea crashes below
On the rocky cliff side
You reach out
Touch my brown hair
“This is it” you say
I look down and I stare
“Are you ready?”
I nod, take your hand in my own
You turn back, to make sure
That we’re really alone
Now laughing, we jump
And we fall through the air
I feel free, I feel pure
I have not a care
With a splash, we drop
Into the water below
For a moment I shudder
As the water’s so cold
Then I laugh suddenly
When you catch hold of my dress
And you pull me towards you
Hold me close to your chest
I feel so content
As your lips seek my own
My bliss is complete
Your love brings me home.

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1 Response to Taking the plunge

  1. iman says:

    =) so cute

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