Smile baby, somebody loves you

Her luscious lips are parted
Her big, black eyes are empty
The mess of hair that frames her face
Hangs around it, dirty
She’s oblivious to her beauty
Holds no regard for her perfect face
Little does she know
She’s beauty at it’s best
Now she’s home alone
By a razor stained with blood
The little cuts along her arm
May soon create a flood
She tells herself she’s worthless
Full of mistakes, errors, sins,
And if she were a voodoo doll
She’d stick herself with pins
But this boy, he’s here to show her
That she stands out from the rest
He wants to make her smile
And to show her she’s the best
It breaks his heart to see her cry
He wants to hold her close
He’s afraid he’ll wake up one day
And find her comatose
If only he can make her see
That she’s beautiful, talented, sweet
If only she would realise
That her face is his heart beat.

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2 Responses to Smile baby, somebody loves you

  1. Viola says:

    lovely. is there a part two?

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