Inexplicable glow

You see the eyes behind the specs
You see the brain behind the mane
You see the heart behind the chest
You see the soul behind the name
When I talk you listen
To the words I don’t say
When I run you know
How bad I want to stay
When I stare you see
The tears that don’t fall
When I’m hurt, you carry me
So I don’t have to crawl
I spent all my life building a wall
Constantly paving it, making it tall
But you walked right through
As though it was only a mist
You tore it down
Without raising a fist
You sat down beside me
And reached for my hand
Loneliness slipped through my fingers like sand
You didn’t promise to be there
But you always were
Holding me together
Year after year
How to tell you I love you?
Do you already know?
Do you see it in my eyes –
That inexplicable glow?

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