My Escape

Pull me out of this dusty house
Drag me by the hair
Take me to your La La Land
We’ll scream until they stare
I feel bold, alive and restless
Pluck me out of this empty shell
Sweep me away from this monochrome town
Cos now it feels like hell
Throw me off a precipice
I don’t care how far I fall
Kiss me in front of the garden gnomes
Let them be appalled
We’ll surf along the rainbow
Fall into a pot of gold
Kick out the stupid leprechaun
And make love till we grow old
I want to climb the ocean
To dive into the trees
To dance among the dewdrops
To do the things I please
Life’s a ticking timebomb
I won’t play to lose
I’m breaking out of this snowglobe
And you are my new muse.

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